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The Metal Workout

The Metal Workout is a fitness method & motivational tool with the purpose of ensuring we achieve true fitness by going beyond our comfort zone.

If you are trying to lose weight, gain muscle, improve toning, or improve cardiovascular health, then The Metal Workout is for you!!
After years of providing training, measuring performance, and obtaining lasting results, we have created this website with the goal of providing you with the critical component to fitness success.

The key component of... PURE METAL!!

Through discipline and hard-work and a wide variety of fitness methods experience I finally found a method that is effective in obtaining true results that last and keep on giving. Many other methods offer ways to get in shape, but only a few can offer a true change in personal culture, which is necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle and truly change our physique for the rest of your life! Just as many other people, I have tried many different...
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